CLEARANCE Marbella Slim Rope Bracelet
CLEARANCE Marbella Slim Rope Bracelet
CLEARANCE Marbella Slim Rope Bracelet


CLEARANCE Marbella Slim Rope Bracelet

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Marbella Petite Twisted Rope Bracelet

Enhance Your Everyday Look With Our Fabulous Petite Twisted Rope Bracelet. This Piece Offers The Perfect Balance Between Simplicity And Elegance Due To Its Gleaming 18k Gold Finish And Is Bound To Become One Of Your Favorite Pieces To Wear Every Day.

Product Details:

Metal Core

Stainless Steel 316L


18K Heavy Gold Plated (HGP)


Approx. 6.5" - 8.5"

Key Benefits



Ethically Made






Even Though Our Jewelry Has Been Crafted To Last A Lifetime, We Strongly Recommend You Follow These Tips To Ensure The Durability And Shine.

  • Your Jewelry Should Always Be The Last Thing You Put On And The First Thing You Take Off.
  • Gently Wipe It Down After Wear With A Soft Polishing Cloth You Will Receive With Your Order, This Will Remove Any Skin Oil Or Dirt From The Metal.
  • Occasionally, You Can Gently Wash Your Jewelry With Soap & Water, And Always Make Sure To Dry It Before Storage.
  • Avoid Contact With Harsh Chemicals, Like Chlorine, Jewelry Cleansers  Etc.
  • Heavy Wear And Rough Conditions Will Impact How Your Jewelry Looks Over Time. MINIMA Jewelry Is Not Responsible For Natural Wear, As This Is Inevitable And Can Happen Even To Solid Gold Jewelry Pieces.  If You Take Good Care Of Your MINIMA Jewelry These Can Last A Lifetime.
  • Every Person Produces A Unique Natural Oil On Their Skin That Can React Differently To Some Types Of Metals. We Stand By Our Products And The Strict Quality Control Process That Our Products Are Submitted, But We Are Not Responsible If A Reaction On Your Skin Occurs.
  • Lastly, We Strongly Recommend That You Store Your Fine Jewelry Pieces Individually In A Dry Place Or Use The Beautiful Ring Box That You Will Receive With Your Order To Prevent or Avoid Scratches. 

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